About Us

All motorcycle events in one place. The need which we have conducted more as a concept for the registration of such web site. Like other bikers, we all have friends and acquaintances-in the neighboring republics of the former Yugoslavia, and this fact was crucial.

Start as each other was quite chaotic because it was necessary to start from somewhere.

We collected about 400 motorcycle clubs with the same motto developments from Slovenia to Macedonia, a result, a unique annual calendar of motorcycle events. Web site is still in mid-season 2016, had more than 100,000 views. About 87% of the total number of visits were new users. Despite the fact that a lot of people know about the existence of our web site, we are aware that too much is not known.
We cooperate with many individuals, motorcycle clubs, organizations and web sites with a similar theme. Promotion over a hundred clubs and motorcycle events. All promotions are free and will remain so.

Customer satisfaction is our satisfaction, we try to offer and give more than what they expect from us.

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